Peyto Lake, Banff National Park

Erica Roles feeding a stone cat
Feeding a rock that looked like a cat near the Stanley Mitchell hut in Yoho Valley.

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Melissa Jennings, Coquitlam
"Erica is a phenomenal guide and instructor. Her knowledge of the mountains, the snow, and the backcountry is humbling and inspiring. She is constantly aware of what is going on around her; you could learn a lot just by watching her actions alone--where she is looking and when, testing the snowpack with her pole as she's skinning, not just following in pre-made skin tracks but checking back in to make sure the route she is taking is the one she wants to take, etc. Being responsible for the safety of a beginner group is a big enough responsibility on its own, and she still managed to find teaching opportunities throughout the entire day. She consistently checked back in with us and involved us in the decision making process, allowing us to learn by doing, which really made us think instead of blindly following. She kindly answered our non-stop questions about decisions, gear, skiing technique, weather, route planning, you name it. I learned so much in just two days with her, and, while my respect for the dangers of the backcountry remain, I feel she has opened it up a lot more for me. One final thing that stood out to me was Erica's emphasis on teamwork. It's a subtle shift in mindset, but it's definitely a really important one because we're relying on each other ultimately to stay alive when we head out in the morning. As a beginner, it's important to have someone you can trust to not only teach you, but teach you well and with the right values. There were so many small moments throughout the trip that I never would have guessed would be valuable or a good learning opportunity until I had them. Erica exceeded all my expectations, and I can't wait to head back out into the mountains with her again. Thank you so much for an incredible weekend."

Melissa Innes, Calgary
"Our guide was excellent. Erica had that unique combination of excellent guide and extraordinary teacher. Being good at something and being able to teach the skills are two very different things. Our guide could do both very well. She created space for us to learn, to ask questions and to make decisions with her support. With each day she gave us more and more responsibility, providing guidance when we needed it so that we learned from our own mistakes and made better choices. The best money and time I’ve spent in a long time. Thank you!"

Axel Reidlinger and Greg Gore, Austria/California
"Thank you for a great ski tour - Erica has been the best guide we could have wished for - great guiding skills, lots of fun, consideration for our lack of experience, delicious cooking, perfect hut etiquette management, and professional navigation in whiteout conditions at 3,000 m altitude! What a memorable tour!"

Andrew Wong, Vancouver
"This is my second time being guided by Erica. As always, she was outstanding in managing terrain and risk with client ability. Given the number of rappels and lowers on the AA col descent, communication between guide and clients could have been challenging. Erica always managed to convey clear and precise instructions before hand such that we as clients were never left struggling with what we were expected to do next."

Danielle Dobney, Toronto
"Erica is amazing! My first time hiking and she got me to the top of Mt. Olive! Thank you for a fantastic first experience with mountaineering! You are an exceptional teacher!"

Simon Cherrett, England
"Had a great week climbing as part of a group. Erica took the time to explain everything clearly, precisely and without highlighting my novice ways. Thanks."

Riley Sorensen, Edmonton
"Erica was awesome. We had her as a guide last year and she was awesome both times. Very helpful, informative, safe, and fun. We are already hoping to plan a trip next year with Erica as a guide again."

Matthew Follette, Vancouver
"I'll echo the gratitude towards Erica for all of her hard work and instruction; nevermind keeping us all safe! You're awesome and seeing you enjoy work makes pursuing a similar career all the more worthwhile."

Nicola Sweeting, England
"What an amazing experience this week was mountineering in the Rocky Mountains. I would just like to say thanks alot for the epic week..!!"


Erica Roles
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