Peyto Lake, Banff National Park

Erica Roles feeding a stone cat
Feeding a rock that looked like a cat near the Stanley Mitchell hut in Yoho Valley.

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Danielle Dobney, Toronto
Erica is amazing! My first time hiking and she got me to the top of Mt. Olive! Thank you for a fantastic first experience with mountaineering! You are an exceptional teacher!

Simon Cherrett, England
Had a great week climbing as part of a group. Erica took the time to explain everything clearly, precisely and without highlighting my novice ways. Thanks.

Nicola Sweeting, England
What an amazing experience this week was mountineering in the Rocky Mountains. I would just like to say thanks alot for the epic week..!!

Riley Sorensen, Edmonton
Erica was awesome. We had her as a guide last year and she was awesome both times. Very helpful, informative, safe, and fun. We are already hoping to plan a trip next year with Erica as a guide again.

Matthew Follette, Vancouver
I'll echo the gratitude towards Erica for all of her hard work and instruction; nevermind keeping us all safe! You're awesome and seeing you enjoy work makes pursuing a similar career all the more worthwhile.


Erica Roles
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