Ice Climbing Courses and Guided Ice Climbs in Canmore, Banff, the Canadian Rockies
Ice Climbing

Ice climbing in the Ghost
Wicked Wanda (WI5) in the Ghost River Wilderness

Louise Falls
Louise Falls (WI5), a classic ice climb in Banff National Park


Ice Climbing
"We've got it here; acres of wonderful azure and chrome ice, so many routes to do...a 'destination' for ice climbers worldwide. It doesn't matter how desperate the rest of the world is for ice, it's always happening here" - Barry Blanchard on ice climbing in the Canadian Rockies.

The ice climbing season here usually starts in November and lasts until April. Whether you're interested in experiencing ice climbing for the first time, learning more advanced skills or climbing multi-pitch routes I can arrange a course to suit you. Some examples of ice courses are:

  • Intro to ice climbing
  • Lead climbing, anchor building
  • Advanced ice climbing technique, mixed climbing

Some pics from ice courses:

Contact me to arrange an day ice climbing course and get a quote.

Multi-pitch Guided Climbs:
As Barry implies in his quote above, there are hundreds of multi-pitch ice climbs in the Rockies of all grades. Some of my favourites are Cascade Falls (WI3), Professor Falls (WI4), R&D (WI4) Guinness Gully (WI4) and Louise Falls (WI4-5).

Rope Rescue:
If you do a lot of multipitch ice climbing then you might want to consider learning how to rescue your partner if something goes wrong. This 1-day course teaches you everything you need to know about getting you and your partner out of trouble - escaping the belay, raising, lowering, tandem rapelling. Contact me to arrange a course and get a quote.

Ice climbs are often in very serious avalanche terrain and ice climbing is becoming more and more mainstream. I feel it's necessary for ice climbers to have thier own AST2 course so I'm developing a program for the winter of 2019-2020 - more info coming soon.

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